uxcrush name change

Goodbye FigmaCrush, hello UXCrush!

A few months ago, we’ve been contacted by the Figma brand protection team letting us know that our name “FigmaCrush” was a no-go, as it was using the “Figma” trademark improperly.

We were quite puzzled to hear that, as we love Figma and we never ever tried to disguise ourselves as the “real thing”, we just aggregate useful Figma resources and our users seem to appreciate that. If anything, all we did was push and spread the usage of Figma even further.

Anyway, we totally respect their decision and we have now changed our name to UXCrush.

Nothing else will change, all the FigmaCrush.com existing pages are now redirecting to UXCrush.com. We will keep on posting new resources and even create new sections of the site with articles, guides and tutorials.

We hope you keep enjoying the site!

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