Frames X - Premium Figma UI kit

Frames X – Premium Figma UI kit

Do you spend a lot of time building UI screens? Do you wish there was a quicker way to develop User Interfaces for Websites and Web Apps?

The guys at Buninux provide the answer to your needs! They created Frames X, a Premium UI kit & ebook bundle for Figma users. The UI kit has more than 5500 components and the included ebook will guide you and teach you the best practices of UI design. Frames X contains learning materials as well as practical examples.

Benefits of Frames X:

  • Become a better designer by learning how to create world-class designs.
  • Learn a new way of designing systems with Figma.
  • Create beautiful interfaces.
  • Improve your design skills including how to use color, grid, and typography in your designs.
  • Learn the best ways to create auto layout Figma components.
  • Build your project up to 10x faster.
  • Earn more as you improve your design skills.

What’s in the kit:

  • Design handbook with guidelines to help you quickly start designing systems with Figma.
  • 5,500+ components including variants in 32 categories.
  • 420+ predesigned blocks to speed up your website or app development process.
  • Chart library with 200+ blocks. Build dashboards and UI screens super fast!
  • WCAG-accessible color system with integrated dark mode.
  • A scalable typography system that fits any device.
  • 500+ global styles.
  • Integrated Figma Tokens plugin support. (.Json file included)
  • Heroicons pack with 800+ MIT-licensed icons.

Who can benefit from the Frames X Premium Figma UI kit?

  • UX/UI Designers who want to level up their design game and get paid more.
  • People who are just beginning a design career.
  • People who want to learn how to build a design system in Figma.
  • People who want to create world-class UI without hiring professionals.
  • Website designers or developers who want to build responsive systems without hiring a designer.
  • Web and App Design students who want to learn how to design systems with Figma.


This is an outstanding premium product, make sure to check it out!




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