Figma Material Design UI kit

Welcome to the unofficial Figma + Material Theme UI kit. A great way to explore the possibilities of styles in Figma and Google’s new Material Design Themes.

Enjoy this free and awesome resource!

Apr 2020 Update: as this kit is now a bit dated, you can find a much better Figma Material UI kit here. It’s a huge premium collection of Material design templates, not free, but totally worth its price.

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Grada – A Figma Free UI kit

Metro is sharing yet another amazing Figma freebie with the community.

Grada is a free Figma UI kit featuring many UI elements which you can re-use in your future projects, available across different sections: typography, form elements, headers, footers, widgets.

Thanks a lot for sharing this great free resource!

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Figma free flowchart kit

Many thanks to Greg Dlubacz for sharing a great Figma freebie.

A Fully customizable and scalable set of vector elements with 3 pre-defined color themes, useful for creating fast sitemaps and wireframes.

This is the perfect tool for web designers, web developers, project managers using Figma who want to quickly build their sitemaps without spending too much time.

Enjoy this amazing free Figma resource!

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