Figma Auto Layout Tutorial: how to design a Task Card

If you’ve ever worked with a task management app, you might have seen cards used to represent tasks, showing details such as title, description, tags, priority level, etc.

Components like Task Cards are great for displaying important information about multiple activities on a board while still allowing team members quickly scan the screen and find what they need.

This article will teach you how to design a Kanban-inspired Task Card using Auto Layout in Figma.

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Figma Auto Layout Guide

The Definitive Guide to Figma Auto Layout

Learn everything you need to know to master Figma Auto Layout and optimise your work. This guide is based on the latest Auto Layout updates released at Figma Config (May 2022).


Auto Layout is one of the most relevant features of Figma. It allows you to create dynamic frames that behave according to a set of customisable properties. With this feature, you can set attributes for alignment, spacing, and padding, among other properties that will adjust the frame to its content and vice versa.

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